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Can You Breathe Underwater With a Dry Snorkel?

You would think snorkeling is fairly simple. Stick a tube in your mouth and you can breath with your head submerged, right? But then you see all these terms like “dry snorkel” and you might think this means you can breath underwater whilst wearing one. Let’s clear up exactly what it means. So, can you … Read more

How Long Can You Stay Underwater with a Snorkel?

If you’re new to snorkeling, a question you may have is how long can you stay under water with a snorkel? The quick answer: as long as the snorkel tube is poking out of the water, you can keep your head underwater technically forever! If you want to dive underwater, a snorkel won’t help you … Read more

Can I Snorkel With Swimming Goggles?

At first glance, swimming goggles and snorkeling masks appear to do pretty much the same thing; keep the water out of your eyes when you’re underwater. However, there are some key differences which make snorkeling masks specifically suited for snorkeling. So, can I snorkel with swimming goggles? Yes, you can snorkel with swimming goggles, but … Read more

Snorkeling Floatation Devices: A Look at Your Options

If you’re planning a snorkeling trip in the near future, you might be wondering about the different options for floatation devices. In this guide, we’ll first take a look at whether or not you need a floatation device, then we’ll take a look at the different options and which is best for you. Finallly, we’ll … Read more