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Should a Non-Swimmer Wear a Snorkeling Vest?

Whenever a non-swimmer snorkels, it’s vital that they take the right safety precautions. You might think a snorkeling vest is a great way to keep a non-swimmer afloat and safe when snorkeling. So, should a non-swimmer wear a snorkeling vest? The short answer: No, it isn’t a good idea for a non-swimmer to wear a … Read more

Can You Wear a Life Jacket When Snorkeling?

If you’re not the most confident of swimmers, or you just want to feel extra safe in the ocean, you might have thought about wearing a life jacket when snorkeling. So, is it recommended or even possible to wear a life jacket when snorkeling? The short answer: Life jackets are not ideal for snorkeling because … Read more

Should I Wear Gloves When Snorkeling?

If you’re planning a trip that’s going to involve some snorkeling, you probably want to make sure you are well prepared before you go. Something that often doesn’t get talked about is hand protection when snorkeling. In this short guide, we will talk about whether you should wear gloves when snorkeling and which gloves you … Read more

What to Wear When You Go Snorkeling

If you are going on vacation to somewhere around an ocean or a large body of water, then you may be considering going snorkeling as one of your vacation activities. Who wouldn’t want to be under water looking at underwater life? But you may be asking the question, “What should I wear snorkeling?” If you … Read more

Can You Wear Earplugs When Snorkeling?

If you suffer from swimmers ear, wearing earplugs is an absolute must whenever you go swimming. The question is, can you wear ear plugs for snorkeling? Yes! You can wear earplugs when snorkeling. If you will be staying on the surface during your snorkeling sessions, a standard set of earplugs will work great. If you … Read more

Do I Need a Rash Guard for Snorkeling?

Rash guards were originally intended to prevented surfers from getting rashes as they paddled out to the waves (hence the name). However, rash guards are now widely used for lots of other water-based activities (including snorkeling of course) because of the protection they provide from the sun and abrasions. But do you need a rash … Read more