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Snorkeling With a Floatation Belt: Everything You Need to Know

Planning a snorkeling trip and thinking about purchasing a floatation belt? Whilst floatation belts are a great choice for some people, there are some things to consider. In this guide, we’ll cover who should wear a floatation belt, the alternatives, some useful tips, and our recommended floatation belt for snorkeling. Let’s dive in! Why Wear … Read more

The Best Waterproof Bags & Cases for Snorkeling

One of the common problems with snorkeling is deciding what to do with your belonings when you’re in the water. If possible, your best option is to leave anything valuable in a safe at your hotel. Of course, that isn’t always possible, so I’ve created this guide to help you choose a waterproof bag or … Read more

Should a Non-Swimmer Wear a Snorkeling Vest?

Whenever a non-swimmer snorkels, it’s vital that they take the right safety precautions. You might think a snorkeling vest is a great way to keep a non-swimmer afloat and safe when snorkeling. So, should a non-swimmer wear a snorkeling vest? The short answer: No, it isn’t a good idea for a non-swimmer to wear a … Read more

Can You Wear a Life Jacket When Snorkeling?

If you’re not the most confident of swimmers, or you just want to feel extra safe in the ocean, you might have thought about wearing a life jacket when snorkeling. So, is it recommended or even possible to wear a life jacket when snorkeling? The short answer: Life jackets are not ideal for snorkeling because … Read more

Should I Wear Gloves When Snorkeling?

If you’re planning a trip that’s going to involve some snorkeling, you probably want to make sure you are well prepared before you go. Something that often doesn’t get talked about is hand protection when snorkeling. In this short guide, we will talk about whether you should wear gloves when snorkeling and which gloves you … Read more

Snorkeling for Glasses Wearers

Snorkeling is one of the best ways to explore the oceans and get a glimpse of life underwater. It requires minimal equipment and almost no training. It is one of the most blissful ways to explore the beauty that lies underneath our seas and oceans. People of all ages can indulge in this activity and … Read more