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What to Wear When You Go Snorkeling

If you are going on vacation to somewhere around an ocean or a large body of water, then you may be considering going snorkeling as one of your vacation activities. Who wouldn’t want to be under water looking at underwater life? But you may be asking the question, “What should I wear snorkeling?” If you … Read more

Can You Wear Earplugs When Snorkeling?

If you suffer from swimmers ear, wearing earplugs is an absolute must whenever you go swimming. The question is, can you wear ear plugs for snorkeling? Yes! You can wear earplugs when snorkeling. If you will be staying on the surface during your snorkeling sessions, a standard set of earplugs will work great. If you … Read more

Do I Need a Rash Guard for Snorkeling?

Rash guards were originally intended to prevented surfers from getting rashes as they paddled out to the waves (hence the name). However, rash guards are now widely used for lots of other water-based activities (including snorkeling of course) because of the protection they provide from the sun and abrasions. But do you need a rash … Read more

A Guide to Wetsuits for Snorkeling

Many people wonder whether or not they need a wetsuit when snorkeling. You see divers wearing them all the time, but they diving much deeper where the water is much colder. Although, there will be many situations when you won’t need a wetsuit for snorkeling, there are certainly times when you will greatly benefit from … Read more

Do I Need Fins for Snorkeling?

If you’re planning a snorkeling trip in the near future, you’re probably wondering about whether or not it is worth wearing fins. You’re probably aware that they allow you to swim more efficiently, but are they really worth it just for snorkeling? Most people will find that it is definitely worth wearing fins unless you … Read more

Snorkeling Guide for Non-Swimmers

The great thing about snorkeling is that it is easily accessible to pretty much anyone. But what about non-swimmers? Personally, I would recommend taking some swimming lessons first, or choosing an alternative like a semi-submarine. However, if you are extremely careful, non-swimmers can enjoy snorkeling too. In this guide I go over the difference between … Read more